Thursday, 31 May 2012

Photos from Malta

Nature: A Cute and Lovable Kitten

This is a photo of Shania’s pet kitten named Millie . Millie died some time ago. Shania whom loved her dearly and can never forget her cute and lovable pet.

People: Girl in Cat Position

Martina took this photo using a digital camera and she made use of the timer to capture a picture of herself posing in a cat-like position. Isn’t she creative and cute?

Places: Hamrun Square

Shaisen took this photo in a square in his hometown Hamrun.  He used his mobile instead of his camera.This is a place of relaxation for both young and old who enjoy a chat or a snack under the shade of the trees which grow around and in this square. The statue in the middle is of a famous Maltese person, a religious brother named Diego, who helped to build an orphanage for children who have nowhere to stay. This orphanage is still functioning today and it is run by the Franciscan nuns who take care of these children twenty four hours a day.

Sport: Straw Balancing

This photo was taken by children in my class, Juan and Martina, during a sport activity game used for another eTwinning Project we are doing this year. It shows Anthea balancing a straw during a Straw Balancing Relay Competition in our school yard.


  1. Nice pics!
    It's interesting to read the additional texts.

  2. The girl is great in balancing a straw!