Thursday, 31 May 2012

Final photos from Coimbra, Portugal


Partial view of Saint Clara's Monastery with the city park and the tower of the University (the oldest in Portugal) in the background.



Algarve: a beautiful beach on the southern coast of Portugal.


     The campino is a man who looks after bulls used in bullfights. There are lots of  campinos in Ribatejo, one of the Portuguese provinces, located in the centre of Portugal. They wear a white shirt, red vest, white socks and black shorts covering their knees.



Rowing in the park in winter.


Photos from Poland

Nature: Duck and fish 
Szymon - class 1A

People: Preparing christmas decorations - during school family day before Christmas
Karolina - class 6B

Places: Mountain hut on Stóg Izerski in Izera Mountain - popular destination for weekend trips.
Kasia - class 5C

Sport: BMX - skatepark in Bogatynia
Michał - class 6A



These are our  photos, finalists in each cathegory:

NATURE: 'A courageous ant in the search for some food' by Nika B.

PEOPLE: 'STOP' to taking photos of me-says Matea to her friend Marta.
The photo was taken by Marta K.

LACE' by Lucija S. 


The photos from Romania 2

NATURE Texture:
PEOPLE Care for a friend:
PLACES Oldest tower:
SPORT Getting ready to dance, butterflies inside...

Photos from Malta

Nature: A Cute and Lovable Kitten

This is a photo of Shania’s pet kitten named Millie . Millie died some time ago. Shania whom loved her dearly and can never forget her cute and lovable pet.

People: Girl in Cat Position

Martina took this photo using a digital camera and she made use of the timer to capture a picture of herself posing in a cat-like position. Isn’t she creative and cute?

Places: Hamrun Square

Shaisen took this photo in a square in his hometown Hamrun.  He used his mobile instead of his camera.This is a place of relaxation for both young and old who enjoy a chat or a snack under the shade of the trees which grow around and in this square. The statue in the middle is of a famous Maltese person, a religious brother named Diego, who helped to build an orphanage for children who have nowhere to stay. This orphanage is still functioning today and it is run by the Franciscan nuns who take care of these children twenty four hours a day.

Sport: Straw Balancing

This photo was taken by children in my class, Juan and Martina, during a sport activity game used for another eTwinning Project we are doing this year. It shows Anthea balancing a straw during a Straw Balancing Relay Competition in our school yard.

Photos from Croatia 2

Hello everyone! Here are the final photos from Croatia 2.

A photo of a beautiful daffodil from our school garden.

Old town and castle Zrinski, Čakovec. Museum of Međimurje County is situated here today.

Melani jumping high on the beach in Biograd n/m during our school excursion.

Training for County Cycling School Competition. Proud to say that our team won the first place! :)

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Photos from Sweden


This photo is taken after a rain shower. It is from Alva´s garden.


Vendela took this Snapshot in Olofsbo, at the Swedish west coast, a beautiful summer evening.


When Noak took this snapshot he used his mobil. He and his friend David  were at Isaberg, a ski center 8 kilometers from Grimsås.  You can see David on the pcture.


Ellen took this picture on the beach. She doesn´t know the little girl. She played with Ellen´s cousins and Ellen made a snap.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Pictures from Austria!

To sit around the campfire was a special feeling for our kids on our short-trip for three days to a farm.
This little cat is shy but also very nosey :)
Without words!
Athletic break employment

The pictures from Belgium

Hi there, 

Like last year, we held a mini-snapshot-competition here at our school to determine which were the best pictures we could send in to this fantastic project! You may have a look at our blog here: 

These are the Belgian Snapshot-of-Europe-2012-finalist-pictures... 
We hope you may enjoy them! 


Merel took this picture of her little niece, Hanne.  
The picture was taken at her christening.  
At that time Hanne was still a real baby, but in the meantime she has already learned to walk 
and Merel has to catch her every time she tries to slip away! Very funny!


When Jorne visited Brussels last year he definitely wanted to stop and say hello at "Manneken Pis", one of the national symbols of Belgium.  It was the first time Jorne saw "Little Man Pee" with his own eyes! There are many legends about Manneken Pis.  One of the legends tells the statue has been made to honor a boy who saved the city of Brussels by peeing on the flames.  Funny, isn't it?  On special occasions Manneken Pis pees beer or wine in stead of water and sometimes he is dressed in a special way!


Jorne made this picture while being in the Europark in the Netherlands.  Being almost feeding time, they were restfully waiting for the carers to come and feed them.  Jorne thought they looked very cute side by side and he wanted to take this picture because he loves animals very much!


Daphne took this picture when going to watch a soccer game in Breda - The Netherlands which is near our village (as you can see on the location).  Her whole family cheers for NAC so Daphne does too!

We hope you like our pictures.  Always welcome to write us a comment or to send us a message!

Kind regards and good luck to everyone!

The Qworzó-kids

Photos from Slovenia 1

we are good in skateboarding as you can see, you can see Dean and Jernej "in action"

     smo dobri "skejterji" še posebno Dean in Jernej


spring time: "apple blossom"
   pomlad: "cvet jablane"

 we are just arrived to school "with the bus"
       prispeli smo v šolo "z avtobusom"

Our old building has 80 years and it is "our mascot" 
            Naša stara stavba ima 80 let in je "naša maskota."

Cymru Wales

Croeso gynnes iawn i chi gyd.
Here are the final photos from Wales...


Four contemplate the surf and setting sun on the beach at the stunning St. Davids
(Photo by Elinor)


A shot of the majestic staircase at Margam House near Port Talbot.
(Photo by Daniel)


 A beautiful shot of a beautiful butterfly
(Photo by Alec)

 A tough day at the beach.
(Photo by Bethan)

Monday, 28 May 2012

Finale pictures from Norway

Dear Snapshot-partners, here are our pictures in the four categories:

Places - this is the park behind our school - we use this every Constitution day (17th. of May) when we sing for all the people in our valley (school choir).

People, this is us; the 3rd. class at Tyssedal Primary School. We are looking at all the beautiful pictures from your countries (pointing out the winners):

Sport, playing a game called "langball" (long ball), similar to baseball (but we throw the ball at one of the runners to get our turn at base):

Nature, this is one of many threes in the park behind our school. We thinks it look scary and nice at the same time (we can lay down on the lawn and just look up to the sky, and let our imagination play):

Friday, 25 May 2012

Hello from Wildbach/Deutschlandsberg - Austria

Our school is located in Wildbach, a very small place near Deutschlandsberg. Deutschlandsberg is a city with 8000 people living there. We have a beautiful old castle in the heart of our city. Our area is well known for its special wines. Deutschlandsberg has some of the best restaurants. We have endless mountainbike-trails and many enjoyable playgrounds. We love our city! Good luck to all our "Snapshot-Partners"!
Unsere Schule liegt in Wildbach, einem kleinen Ort in der Nähe von Deutschlandsberg. Deutschlandsberg ist eine Stadt mit 8000 Einwohnern. Bei uns gibt es eine wunderschöne alte Burg im Herzen der Stadt. Unsere Gegend ist bekannt für ihre speziellen Weine. In unserer Stadt gibt es sehr gute Restaurants. Wir haben endlos lange Mountainbike-Strecken und viele lustige Spielplätze. Wir lieben unsere Stadt! Wir wünschen allen "Snapshot - Partnern" viel Glück!