Monday, 28 May 2012

Finale pictures from Norway

Dear Snapshot-partners, here are our pictures in the four categories:

Places - this is the park behind our school - we use this every Constitution day (17th. of May) when we sing for all the people in our valley (school choir).

People, this is us; the 3rd. class at Tyssedal Primary School. We are looking at all the beautiful pictures from your countries (pointing out the winners):

Sport, playing a game called "langball" (long ball), similar to baseball (but we throw the ball at one of the runners to get our turn at base):

Nature, this is one of many threes in the park behind our school. We thinks it look scary and nice at the same time (we can lay down on the lawn and just look up to the sky, and let our imagination play):


  1. Hi!
    I'm fascinated with your photo of nature;a tree looks at it is about to sing, speak, act: SO human-like! Great!

  2. Most liked the photo of the categories of sport in Norway.