Friday, 11 May 2012


Hello friends from Europe!!!
We are in the North of Spain , exactly in The Basque Country.  
Urdaneta School is in a small town called Loiu.We are located in the centre of a very beautiful place all around the mountains. Most of our pupils are from the sorroundings of Bilbao.In our school there are  about 1,800 students from 2 -18 years.It´s a very big school and we try to have a lot of funny and extra- activities to enjoy and learn in  English , Basque and Spanish.
We love  to see your countries through strange and  original photos .
Let´s start and have fun with our NATURE, PEOPLE, SPORTS and best PLACES.
Welcome friends to the most exciting contest in Europe!!!!
We are pupils at 4th Grade in Primary School ( 9 years old).We are five classes taking part in the project, exactly 128 boys and girls.Here are you are some of them in our special parties at school.

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  1. Thank you for this introduction, Pilar!

    It would be great to see your text in your native language as well. Is that possible?

    Please, also add your location to the blog entry, so we can see where your school is, exactly.