Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hello from Sweden

Grimsås school is situated in the country side in the south part of Sweden, about 100 km south east of Gothenburg.
There are about 80 pupils in the school, in ages 6 -13 years old.
It is a small village, about 700 inhabitants. Many of them work on the big cable industri, Nexans Sweden.
In Grimsås there are many good photographers, and the interest for photograhing is shared between the generations.

We have a big schoolyard, where you can play different games in the breaks.

We really enjoy Snapshot of Europe, and thinks that it is a pity that so few countries will take part of the project this year.
We look forward to see your photos.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back to the Swedish team!
    Great to have you on board again.

    Well done with the quick work on the first task!
    That was impressive.

    So you are looking for more competition, right?
    I hope that this year's team of 27 members will provide enaugh quality photos to out up a good "fight" with your entries.