Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hello from Malta

Our school is called Dun Ġorġ Preca Primary School C and is part of St. Ġorġ Preca College. It is named after a Maltese priest who lived in  Ħamrun during his childhood and who became our first Maltese Catholic Saint in 2007. The school is situated in Ġuże’ Pace Street, Ħamrun.  Ħamrun is very near to our capital city, Valletta.
The school building is more than one hundred years old and the student population varies from year to year, as the population of this town is an aging population. We usually have between fifteen and twenty children in our classrooms.  There are very old documents, registers and papers shelves in the school archives, with the oldest register dating back to 1861. These old documents throw some light on the early attempts at education and schooling which became compulsory in 1946.
Children start attending school at the early age of three in kindergarten classes and finish their primary schooling in Year six. Classrooms in our school overlook a large yard where children play during break time. This yard is also used for activities and P.E. lessons on sunny days. We have a small gym which children use weekly. Our classrooms are well equipped with four computers and an interactive whiteboard. Thus every child has a chance to use the computer once a week…four children a day use the computer regularly.
The teachers play an important role in our school. Besides giving stimulating lessons, they organize extra-curricular activities and/or take part in projects with others schools. They take students out on educational outings to help them appreciate Malta’s historical heritage.

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