Sunday, 22 April 2012

SoE12 - now LIVE

Dear "Snapshot of Europe 2012" team!

We have reached the deadline for the acquisition of new members which means our team is now set and we are ready to roll!
Let's start showing each other what Europe looks like through the eyes of our children!

Please, everyone, say hello to each other!
"Old" members, please identify yourselves as the experienced partners to our new friends so that people know who they can turn to if they need technical support.

Please be sure you are able to access our project Twinspace.
If a problem occurs on your trying to login (as we've already seen with some members) contact me and your NSS immediately.

We are 26 partners altogether.
You are all made teacher admins on our project Twinspace.
Please feel free to add extra pages if you have additional ideas to do with our project aim.

You can also invite your pupils to work on the Twinspace.
If they are older they might enjoy taking care of the photo uploading themselves.

Before uploading your photos you might want to resize them.
Have a look at my blog entry "resize your images before uploading them" if you need help with this.

Looking forward to a grand project collaboration with you all!
Meet you on the Twinspace!


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