Tuesday, 24 April 2012

First Task

Dear all!

The first (and only) extra task has to do with our photographic aims and will also introduce you to how the blogger page works.

You have all been invited to contribute to this blog as authors. Seven of you still need to accept my invitation.
As you can see on the right-hand side of the blog I have presented your schools and countries in alphabetical order.

Your task is now to have your pupils take a photo of your school and present it as a blog entry.
As with the Twinspace uploads you might want to consider downsizing your photos before uploading them.

Along with your photo please also write a little text about your school. Ask your pupils what they think is worth mentioning there to present your school. If your kids are older, it might be a good task for them to translate the text in English. Please also let us see your text in your native language. This will add to the presentation of our cultural backgrounds.

If you are totally new to blogging, you can watch this introduction to learn how to send your first post:

When I posted my first blog entries on snapshotofeurope2012.blogspot.com I discovered the option to set a clickable map location for a blog entry. This is a great option for us to see where everyone's school is exactly. Please consider using this option. It's on the right hand side of the editing page for your new blog entry.


  1. Hi Steffen, how do I post a new entry to this blog? it doesn´t appear in my list of blogs at blogger and I can´t see the blogger toolbar at the top.

    1. Dear Joe!

      This is because you haven't accepted my invitation to join the blog as an author yet. Please check if the invitation was mistakenly put into in your SPAM folder.

      The toolbar has been disabled to make the blog look more unique.
      You can write a new post by logging in to www.blogger.com

  2. I´m Joe Robinson from Catlonia by the way.

  3. Hi form Croatia! We are working on the extra task and will be ready to upload it on Monday or Tuesday. :)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Dear Steffen,

    I can't find my invitation. Pleas help my.

    1. Dear Aurelia, you are already registered for this blog.

  5. Hi, Steffen,

    your extra possibility - locating the school on the map is EXCELLENT IDEA!
    Do we need to do anything?
    Our Introductory arrives today!


    1. Hello Ksenija!

      Yes, please set the location in your blog entry yourself.
      It's in the settings at the right hand side of your blog post when it's in the editing mode.