Friday, 1 June 2012

  1. Final photos from Hungary!

    People  /  
    opped up

    Places  /  At least Snow White is with her..

    Nature  /  Mogyi

    Sport  /  Panna is doing her trick


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  2. Hello from Hungary, Budapest

    This is our school's back yard. We also have a football ground next to it, and a gym.
    Our school is in the suburb area, around 1 hour far from the main city center by public transport. Really calm, and there are many playgrounds, parks in the neighbourhood. Approximately 300 students are doing their studies in here, and 3 classes are learning english language in a bilingual system.

    This is my class who made all these fantastic and funny pictures for this project! :))


  1. I find the photo with the surfer beautiful.

  2. Most liked the photo of the categories Nature of France.

  3. I really like the picture in the category of the nature of Hungary!!!

  4. A sweet dog.